Get ready for the ultimate thrill of professional cycling as the highly anticipated LCI World Tour kicks off on July 5th! This groundbreaking tournament showcases the world’s top cycling teams battling it out in a series of thirty-six exhilarating races, spanning an impressive thirty-six countries. Brace yourselves for a year of high-speed action, fierce competition, and breathtaking moments as six elite teams vie for cycling supremacy on the global stage.

A World Tour Like No Other:
The LCI World Tour takes the concept of international cycling competitions to unprecedented heights. With thirty-six races scheduled across thirty-six different countries, this tour epitomizes the spirit of global sportsmanship. From iconic cycling destinations to unexplored terrain, each race presents unique challenges, captivating landscapes, and a test of endurance for the riders.

Intense Rivalry Among Six Elite Teams:
Six top-tier professional cycling teams have been invited to participate in the LCI World Tour, comprising the crème de la crème of the cycling world. These teams, known for their rich history, impressive line-ups, and fierce rivalries, will clash head-to-head, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for victory. Expect nail-biting sprints, strategic breakaways, and tactical battles as they navigate diverse terrains and adapt to varying race conditions.

Unveiling the Route:
The LCI World Tour promises a breathtaking journey through thirty-six countries, offering a stunning showcase of the world’s cultural, geographical, and architectural diversity. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene landscapes of New Zealand, from the cobbled classics in Belgium to the winding mountain roads of Colombia, each race reveals a captivating chapter in the global cycling narrative.

An Unforgettable Summer of Cycling:
Cycling enthusiasts, sports fans, and adrenaline junkies alike will be captivated by the LCI World Tour’s action-packed calendar. Spanning ten months, this thrilling tournament will deliver an exhilarating race experience race after race, with surprises, triumphs, and heart-pounding moments. From the opening race to the grand finale, spectators can expect to witness the raw power, strategy, and unwavering determination of the world’s finest cyclists.

Celebrating the Cycling Spirit:
Beyond the race results and podium finishes, the LCI World Tour is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of cycling and its enduring spirit. From the camaraderie among teammates to the passionate support of fans lining the routes, this tournament exemplifies the values of sportsmanship, perseverance, and unity. It unites nations, inspires a new generation of cyclists, and reinforces the global appeal of this magnificent sport.