DOMINION CAMPAIGN Conquest of Stormania

Kicks off on 1st July 2023

What do you do when you love playing a boardgame so much that you organise a weekly session of friends to play it over and over again… but you want your games to have impact and consequence… you Campaign It! Welcome to Stormania. Our fantasy world of conquest where every game of Dominion means something… a new territory to exploit… defending your empire from the machinations and manipulations of your rivals… fun turned up to Max!

We have created both a world map and a set of rules that govern our Campaign games of Dominion. While sticking to the original feel and playstyle of Dominion that we all love we have added Armies, Navies, Heroes and much more creating a truly unique experience of a much loved boardgame. Saludos Vaccarino! You are at the heart of everything that happens here. Three friends… Three Empires.. Who will rule the world….

About Dominion

Dominion is a card game created by Donald X. Vaccarino and published by Rio Grande Games. The game has captured the hearts of countless gamers worldwide, earning its reputation as a beloved and enduring classic. Its popularity stems from its elegant design and engrossing gameplay, which seamlessly combines strategy, deck-building mechanics, and player interaction. In Dominion, players assume the role of monarchs striving to build the most prosperous kingdom by acquiring valuable cards and managing their decks with precision.

What sets Dominion apart is its infinite replayability. With a vast array of card combinations available, each game presents a fresh and unique challenge. The strategic depth lies not only in selecting the right cards to add to your deck but also in adapting your tactics based on the ever-changing game dynamics and the actions of your opponents. The addictive nature of crafting efficient card combinations and executing well-timed strategies keeps players coming back for more.

Who Will Rule Stormania?